Dental Monitoring is the world’s first connected orthodontics solution to enable you to remotely control your patients.
Based on the interconnection of 3 high-tech platforms, our system facilitates communication between doctors and patients and allows precise monitoring of tooth movement, oral health and hygiene, appliance care and much more!

The Dental Monitoring Patient App

The DM patient App guides the patients through the capture of quality intraoral images. The app also functions as a communication platform where the patient receives messages from the doctor’s team in order to reinforce compliance and motivation.

The Dental Monitoring Analysis Platform

The images sent by the patient are processed, organized and verified by human-assisted algorithms. Several parameters are analyzed and validated by the DM Clinical team, qualified orthodontic specialists. Those parameters include but are not limited to: hygiene, appliance wear and tear, and for patients under 3D Monitoring, tooth movements.

The Dental Monitoring Doctor’s Online Dashboard.

The Clinical Analysis, images and all other available information are published online on the Doctor’s Dashboard and also sent to you via email. On the online platform, you can review your cases, and communicate with the patient.

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Philippe Salah

Philippe Salah

He graduated from the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris with a PhD in Biophysics. He fell in love with orthodontics after partnering with an orthodontist to build Harmony, a company that made custom lingual treatments. By 2014, he had already realized that AI was the next frontier in medical care, so he brought together a team of engineers and orthodontists and created Dental Monitoring.

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