To access your customization options, log in to your DM Dashboard, click “Protocols” > “Patient Messages”, then find the second header from the top: “Customize your patient report”.

Customization options

You can customize the first and last sentence of your patient messages, that includes the greetings and signature.

Personalization field

You can automatically address each patient by their first name by adding the personalization field {firstname}. The system will automatically replace {firstname} by the patient’s given name when messages are sent.

Be careful: any error in typing out {firstname} will automatically void the personalization and result in errors. If you want to make sure you have typed the right personalization field, look to the Preview: if you have typed out {firstname} correctly, then a randomly selected first name will appear in the preview. If you have typed out anything else, you will not see a first name.


When you are satisfied with the personalization, use the Preview to make sure your final message is to your satisfaction.

Make sure you save any changes you made at the upper right corner of your Patient Message page.

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Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Doctor of Dental Medicine and Project Manager at Dental Monitoring.

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