SmileTrack is a protocol to monitor oral health

Oral Hygiene monitoring enables you to keep an eye on your patients’ oral health and to get them more involved with their hygiene. Every aspect related to oral health (dental plaque, calculus, decay.. )is detected thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Patients will be invited to take regular scans using the DM app and feedback will be sent in order to increase motivation and compliance on a regular basis.

Monitoring hygiene with SmileTrack

Provide remote care to your patients based on the real-time assessment of their oral health and hygiene.


  • Keep your patients committed to their oral health
  • Capture potential issues early
  • Increase patient communication
  • Use visual communication to demonstrate the need for procedures

Onboard hygiene patients

During your initial consultation, give patients an overview of Dental Monitoring and why your practice uses this technology:

  • Your practice goes the extra mile. You will get this level of care nowhere else.
  • The use of remote monitoring ensures the outcome is more controlled.
  • Your practice keeps the patient updated and engaged in their smile evolution.

Get your patient started

  • Create the patient’s Dental Monitoring card
  • Inform your patients that they will receive an email containing a link to download the Dental Monitoring app, and another link to log into the app.

Start Photo Monitoring

  • Start the monitoring on the patient’s  card
  • Select “No treatment”

The DM app

  • Ask the patient to download and activate the app
  • Give them a retractor and and a ScanBox
  • Show them how to use the retractor
  • Teach patients how to scan
  • Explain to the patient how often they will need to scan (Once a month)

Select SmileTrack protocol

Use the SmileTrack protocol as a template and modify it as you see fit

Ongoing monitoring

Manage your notifications

All monitoring events are organized in your notification center:

  1. Description of clinical events
  2. Team instructions on how to react to clinical events.
  3. Messages sent to your patients.

The patient app

  1. The patients are automatically notified to take their scans.
  2. They receive feedback or recommendations based on what is detected on their scans.
  3. A before/after visualization is available to them.
  4. Your patients can communicate with you using the messaging tool of the app.

How often should my patients scan?

The default interval is 1 month. Setting a regular scan interval to once a month makes it easy for patients to remember.

It can be increased up to 3 months, but should not exceed that interval.

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Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Doctor of Dental Medicine and Project Manager at Dental Monitoring.

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