Alert level of the notifications The color of this red bullet can be changed in your protocols. – This bullet enables you to prioritize the work of your team.
Heading of the messages sent to your patient: The headings displayed here correspond to full and personalized messages sent to your patient app.
Date of the notifications: 12h max after the scan for photo monitoring. 72h max after the scan for other 3D monitoring.
Review the notifications: Once reviewed, the notification will remain available in the patient’s timeline.
Dynamic aligner change instruction: “Change” or “Don’t change” aligner instructions. Exists only for aligner monitoring.
Instructions sent to your team: The setup of this instruction is made in your protocols.

DM Notifications are categories of incidents that can trigger a message to you, your team and/or the patient. Your DM Notification Center contains all the notifications you’ve chosen to receive, as well as the Team Instructions from your DM Live protocols. You can set the priority level for each notification. There are 4 levels you can choose from, with different levels of visibility.

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Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Doctor of Dental Medicine and Project Manager at Dental Monitoring.

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