Manage your patient card through the new action button

The “New action”  button on the patient profile gives you access to a list of possible actions for the selected patient.

Pause Monitoring

You can pause monitoring during any time of the treatment. When you activate this action, the patient application will stop sending notifications for a new scan.
While pausing the monitoring, you can specify the date you want the monitoring to resume and add a message to the patient. This date can be subsequently changed.


A lot of expected and unexpected events can take place during orthodontic treatments. For some events, you will need to pause the monitoring.


  • Patient is waiting for refinement
  • Patient lost their aligner and waiting for a new one
  • Treatment needs to be paused for a specific reason

Pausing monitoring can also be useful when you want to delay a scan, plan it on a specific date or simply to change the scan schedule. For this, all you need to do is to pause monitoring and specify the day you want the patient to take their next scan under the “PAUSE MONITORING UNTIL” section. This will delay the next scan in order to resynchronize the scan frequency. For example, when a check appointment is scheduled.

Ask patient for an immediate scan

When you need to check on your patient between two scans, you can always ask for an immediate scan.

Create a new action on the patient card and click on “Ask patient for an immediate scan” and a request will be sent directly to the patient’s e-mail address and DM app. You can also enter the instructions that you want displayed to your patient before starting the exam.

The scan will then be available on the patient card within the section “latest Photos”

Does the “emergency scan” changes the schedule?

Yes. When a patient is asked for an emergency scan, the next regular DM Scan date is shifted in the future.

Example: when the DM Scan frequency is set to 7 days, but the doctor requests an “emergency scan” at day 4, the next DM Scan will be due 7 days after the emergency scan.

Add a new 3D model

This action allows you to choose between different options to send us a 3D model (two STL files, one for each arch, in occlusion) to start a 3D monitoring.

Note: A 3D model is not required in Photo Monitoring.

Send a clinical instruction to DM :

Allows you to send specific clinical instructions to DM about the monitoring. You can ask us to track specific treatment objectives, especially in 3D Monitoring (for example: calculation of space opening) or override a notification “please remain on the current aligner” in Photo Monitoring with the GoLive option.

Send a message to patient:

Allows you to communicate with your patient. Messages will be sent directly to the patient’s application.

Add to the To-Do list:

Adds the patient to a To-Do list.

Send activation e-mail to patient:

Send mail to the registered email address of the patient, containing the activation link to the application, as well as its ID and password.

Start/Stop Monitoring:

Starts/stops the monitoring. When a monitoring is stopped, you retain access to all data, but the patient will not be able to send DM Scans anymore. The patient will no longer appear in the “Monitored Patients” tab, but in the “Not Monitored” tab.

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Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

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